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Three Healthy Habits for Busy Lives

There’s often a misconception that a busy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle are at odds with one another. But there’s no reason for the two to be mutually exclusive. With a few simple adjustments, you can make your health a priority, despite a crazy-busy life.

Embrace the Snack Attack

When you spend your days in supersonic mode, it’s easy to forget to eat. Sometimes we simply choose not to because we don’t feel we can afford to take an hour or half-hour break. Although it may not seem like a big deal, skipping meals can affect productivity. To keep firing on all cylinders, your body needs fuel. Not only does a lack of fuel affect your staying power, but it may also affect mental function, reducing your ability to stay focused or think clearly.

Habit #1

Keep a variety of healthy plant-based snacks on hand and in plain sight. Keep easy plant-based snacks, like nuts, seeds and dried fruit, in a basket or glass jar on your desk. Or put popcorn, granola bars or veggie chips in a drawer you regularly open…

Habit #2

From regular lunchtime walks with friends or a meetup at the dog park to group fitness classes, when you combine exercise with social activity you nurture both body and spirit. Plus, studies show that you are more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you develop a strong bond with others who will hold you accountable…

Habit #3

Buy in bulk. Rather than grabbing a couple of frozen meals as you fly through the freezer section, choose a variety and stock up. The benefit of frozen over fresh is that frozen foods can be stored much longer than fresh foods, giving you a convenient way to have a variety of easy plant-based meals you can prepare in no time or grab as you walk out the door.

If you need any help with your eating habits, message me.

In Health, Wellness and Love

Donna Rivard - RHN

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