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A Holistic Approach to your New Years Resolution

With the gaining popularity of ‘going green’ and being more conscious of our responsibilities as residents on Mother Earth, a more Holistic Approach towards our New Year’s Resolutions seems fitting. Our world is changing so fast, and we all need to do our part to make it a better place. This means shedding some of the old habits and beliefs in favour of new practices.

You don’t have to introduce or change everything all at once. Chose one thing a week to include in your home or daily life and it will start to build momentum.

A holistic approach means considering all aspects of your being – nutritional, physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, environmental, and more! So, how do we incorporate all of our many facets and needs into our New Year’s resolutions? Keep reading! I have a few tips below…

You’ve Resolved to Stick To A Budget

Financial health is very important, but a little taboo to discuss.

  • When planning or revisiting your budget for the upcoming year, make conscious decisions about where you spend your money. Use your hard-earned cash to buy quality, preferably local, goods, and re-usable instead of disposable.

  • Also, think about selling some gently used items for more cashflow, using tools from a tool lending library instead of buying that single tool with it’s limited function.

  • Spend money on experiences rather than material goods that may have a limited life and become more of a burden than a treasure. The benefit here is less stuff and it’s packaging going into the landfill.

How does would the above changes impact you holistically?

  • When being mindful about purchases, one added bonus is mentally you will feel less stressed by not having to deal with the clutter in your home.

  • When you spend money on snowshoes, skates, or swimming lessons, for example, you reap the benefits of becoming more active and benefitting your physical You may even make some social connections and that can lower anxiety and depression.

Donate items that you are not using or wearing and shopping on consignment is also very in vogue!

You’ve Resolved to “Stay Hydrated”

  • Maybe your goal is to be more hydrated, because you’ve heard of all of the benefits it imparts for your skin, your internal organs, and your energy levels. Simply drinking a full glass of water first thing upon waking can get you well on your way.

  • Reducing your coffee consumption (if it’s more than 2 cups per day) could also help, as coffee is a diuretic.

How does staying hydrated or ditching coffee impact you holistically?

  • Adequate hydration leads to mental clarity. Who doesn’t want that?!

  • If your daily ritual is stopping at the drive-thru, consider making your coffee at home. There’s benefit here from reducing the environmental impact of your car’s emissions while idling in line and the packaging bound for the landfill. Financially, buying coffee for home brewing hurts your wallet much less.

You’ve Resolved To Be More Active

  • A holistic, and perhaps obvious, way to improve your current fitness level is to walk more.

How does walking impact you holistically?

  • It’s easy to do and it’s cheaper than a gym membership, so a financial win! Aim to include a walk for 15-30 minutes each day. Dress appropriately and get out before work, after work, or at lunch. Walk around the block, in your office building staircase or parking lot, or at a local community indoor track.

  • If you have access to a trail or forest, you’ll also reap the physical and mental benefits of ‘forest bathing.’

  • Meet up with a friend, co-worker, or family member and keep each other accountable and motivated. Again, your mental health will benefit from this socialinteraction in which you and your walking buddy talk, vent, or just have a laugh!

You’ve Resolved To Start Meditating

  • Meditate, read, or enjoy learning a new craft, do a puzzle, or play an instrument.

How Does Meditating (Or Doing Other Mental Games) Impact You Holistically?

  • Take care of your mental health by nurturing your creative side. These pastimes often get pushed aside in lieu of chores and errands etc. but they feed your soul and spirit and we can all use more of that!

You’ve Resolved to “Eat Better”

Nutritionally speaking, there is so much information out there. It can be very overwhelming. But, when our diet is in balance, it positively impacts our mental and physical health. Plan well, and it could benefit your financial health. Involve family or friends, and your nutrition becomes a sociallyvaluable activity.

Consider the holistic impact of your decisions, and make yourself a priority. Small changes can get you back on track after the hectic holiday season and set you up for success this year.

How will your New Year’s resolutions have a holistic impact on your life? In Health, Wellness and Love

Donna Rivard - RHN

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