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Meet Donna

My purpose is to increase nutritional awareness using education to create a broader and richer culture of health while attaining the highest quality of life. I am committed to providing excellence in nutrition and holistic based information.


My goal is to educate and enlighten people on how to eat Good Quality foods grown in Natural nutrients, such as Organic, meaning they are unprocessed, unrefined foods that still contain enzymes. I will work together with each client(s) with complete Integrity and Respect. I am dedicated to transformation and wellness, one person at a time.​

What I Do 


Wellness by The Water, is an online wellness studio offering an alternative to traditional diets and medicines for non-life threatening ailments. For anyone looking to improve their health or combat a chronic problem nutrition may be the answer. I use everyday nutrition and eating habits to improve one’s health through holistic nutrition.

What is Holistic Food?


It is complete in their natural state – not altered in anyway – foods grown in natural nutrients, unprocessed, unrefined, and still contain enzymes, in another words are still Alive

What Are the Health Benefits?

Weight Loss or Gain
Improve Skin
Better Sleep
Balance Blood Sugar Levels
Balance Blood Sugar Levels
Strengthen Immune System
Weight Loss or Gain
Improve Digestion

& improve bowel function

Improve Mood

& energy levels

Improve Chronic Illness 

Such as obesity & high blood pressure

Reduce Blood Pressure
Is Holistic Food ​& A Nutritionist Right for you? 

Set up your FREE Discovery Call with me. This is the first step in getting a better understanding on what I can do to help you and for you to see if this is right for you. 

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